Mixed Martial Arts

Don’t be a jack of all moves and a master of none.... Master a few moves and jack everyone!

Mixed Martial arts - MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a modern combat sport that allows combatants to use techniques from all combat ranges, including striking, clinching and grappling. It is famed for its very open rule set, allowing fights to be won through various ways. These include; knock out such as in traditional boxing or kick boxing, through a submission technique used in grappling or by a decision rendered by three judges at the end of regulation time. MMA bouts are usually conducted in a fenced arena, often referred to as a cage, which typically has 6 or 8 sides. In some places bouts are conducted in a traditional boxing ring due to sporting regulations. 

MMA gained worldwide popularity after introduction in 1993 by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, in which Royce Gracie defeated all his opponents in a tournament style event. This was followed by various other promotions including Pancrase and Pride in Japan and Strikeforce and Bellator in America. There are numerous MMA promotions operating in Australia and Tasmania with many competitive options available. MMA training is done in fight shorts and rash vests, students will also need to have mouth guards, a groin guard, shin guards, MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves. Hobart Martial Arts Academy can provide advice on equipment to students. MMA fighters are coached by Gerry Young, with assistance from Calum Young and Ryan Herlihy, both active HMAA fighters.