Vale Len Scambler

On the 1st of March 2016 Tasmania lost a great martial artist. Len Scambler of Fuji Ryu Aikido Launceston passed away quietly surrounded by his family and loved ones. Most people in the Hobart BJJ community wouldn't know Len, but both Peter Rogers and I spent time training with Len and his son Paul at the Aikido club in Launceston. Len had a great influence on me as a martial artist and can, at least in part, be blamed for all the wrist locks that I like to use on the mat! 

Len was a lifelong martial artist and pioneer of martial arts in Australia, but was always a humble and quiet man. Not only did he do a lot in the development of Aikido in Tasmania, but he was also one of the first to instruct Wing Chun at the Sydney University in the 1960s. True Masters like Len are few and far between, Len will be missed greatly.

Hobart Martial Arts Academy are all thinking of Paul, Louise and Tom at this difficult time.
Vale Len Scambler

Left to Right: Paul Scambler, Peter Rogers, Len Scambler (front row) Tom Scambler

Left to Right: Paul Scambler, Peter Rogers, Len Scambler (front row) Tom Scambler

February 2016 Promotions

On the mat tonight HMAA coaches, Adam Newton and Gerry Young awarded well deserved stripes to the following people.

Brendan Riseley (1st White Stripe)
Ryan Herlihy (1st White Stripe)
Andrew "Rusty" Heynes (2nd White Stripe)
Deb Cameron (1st Purple Stripe)
Kieryn Wright (2nd Purple Stripe)
Pete Rogers (4th Purple Stripe)

At Hobart Martial Arts Academy we have always prided ourselves on the standards of our ranks. No one in our gym is "given" a rank, they are all earned thoroughly. Rest assured you have all worked hard and deserve your ranks, wear them with pride!

Promotions at Hobart Martial Arts Academy

Tonight Adam Newton and Gerry Young were privileged to award two ranks in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. First of all one of our newest members Holly Counsell, was awarded her first stripe. Holly has been with us for a little while now and has shown such an amazing spirit and drive to excel that she is already a favourite in the team.

Next up Luke Andersen was promoted to Blue Belt. You really couldn't find a person who more exemplified the role of team member. Luke lives and breathes honour and is a natural leader, Luke's contributions to the club on and off the mat have also been great. Congratulations Luke!

New Ranks at Hobart Martial Arts Academy

Tonight HMAA coach Gerry Young had the pleasure of awarding 3 new ranks. Congratulations to Calum Young on receiving his 3rd stripe on his white belt, Calum is doing well and is diligent in his BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA training. Michael Woodruff and Anthony Goggins both received their long overdue Blue Belts tonight. Both have been training for a number of years and while attaining a high standard on the mat, work and family pressures have prevented them from being promoted. So congratulations to Michael and Anthony on achieving this milestone!


Dahlia claims double gold at Tassie AFBJJ Titles!

Hobart Martial Arts Academy's recent addition, Dahlia Foo, showed what great spirit and game she has by winning double gold in her weight division and the open division for White Belt No Gi at the recent Tasmanian AFBJJ Championships. Dahlia was originally expecting to compete in gi, but due to lack of competitors she changed over to No Gi where she showed off her great skills.

Dahlia won both of her divisions on points decisions, while constantly looking for the finish. She showed real composure to deal with a few threatening positions including a very tight guillotine. We are all very excited to have Dahlia on board and look forward to many more great performances!