AFBJJ Hobart Open

On Saturday the 28th of February 8 members of Hobart Martial Arts Academy including 2 of our Mat Devils entered the AFBJJ Hobart Open. The competition was held at the amazing Hobart University Dojo and was run professionally and smoothly by Trevor Baker, Paul Sayers and Minol Tavares-Tutida. Our thanks goes to these guys for providing us the opportunity to compete!

It was a great day for HMAA with everyone having several matches and getting a wealth of good experience. Everyone showed great competitive spirit and the kind of sportsmanship we expect at HMAA. Congratulations to adults; Brad Hutchison, Ryan Mazengarb, Andrew Smith, Chris Fontana, Luke Andersen and Wong Huan Wen on their efforts. There was a slew of medals earned, but special mention goes to Andrew Smith on winning Gold in both the 79kg Gi and No Gi divisions for white belt, a brilliant effort.

Of course our two junior entrants need a mention too, Connor who won a gold medal in his division and Oscar for winning a silver medal in his first ever comp. A big mention should go to Oscar as well for getting over his nerves and stepping up to such a big challenge. Learning to overcome obstacles is what Jiu Jitsu is all about so we should all be very proud of Oscar!

I am so proud to be with you guys and look forward to seeing more of our kids have a go in the competitions.