Carnage in the Cage IV

On Saturday the 7th of March 2015, Hobart Martial Arts Academy fighter Bayden "Fearless" Mandich had his fourth MMA fight at Carnage in the Cage IV in Mackay, Queensland.

After a grueling two day journey to get to Queensland and enduring his first cut to 65.8kg Bayden, accompanied by coach Gerry Young, made weight on the Friday night. Bayden handled the cut like a champion and then maintained his professional demeanor and focus in the lead up to the fight.

Bayden's opponent was the more experienced Kris "the Ronin" Spence (from Ronin MMA in Townsville) who fought with a 3-3 professional record. Despite the difference in experience Bayden was able to secure victory in his first fight outside of Tasmania. The bout started with a calmer and more composed Bayden settling into a comfortable position and starting to work his striking game. Spence attempted a kick of his own which Bayden caught and used for a double leg takedown, securing the back position in the scramble.

Bayden's increased experience was evident in the control he showed from the back while he used strikes to set up the rear naked choke that brought him victory at 1 minute and 6 seconds in the first round.

Big thinks go to Kris Spence for being a true gentleman and to Carnage in the Cage for the fight opportunity as well putting on such a great show. Thanks also to CITC for the photos.

bayden mackay3.jpg