Caged Grappling

On Saturday the 13th of December All Styles Grappling premiered their new grappling concept show, Caged Grappling. The show was hugely successful and a lot of fans were created over the course of 10 bouts featuring some of Tasmania's most recognised grapplers as well as some big names from the mainland.

The card (pictured below) featured 4 Maromba grapplers who spend their time on the mats at Hobart Martial Arts Academy. Here is a quick breakdown of their matches in chronological order.


First was Neil Campbell who went up against fellow Blue Belt Ben Barrett from 36 Crazy Fists. Both competitors have MMA and cage experience so this promised to be an interesting match. This match was all action from the get go with Neil being nothing but aggressive. Neil attacked with strong positions and transitions as well as numerous submissions attempts for the entire match. Even though there was no submission the judges scored unanimously in Neil's favour as the more aggressive grappler to give him the win.



Next up was the always exciting "Super" Steven Maxwell taking on a very difficult challenge in the tough and experienced Barton James from HTC. Barton is far more experienced in grappling competition than Maxi, but that didn't stop Maxi from matching Barton back and forth in the takedown exchanges including some of the most exciting slams of the night! Maxi fought hard and did well, but sadly got caught in a brilliant flying armbar by Barton and wisely tapped out. It was a great match.


The third match was a late notice match accepted by Ryan Mazengarb against HTC's experienced MMA fighter Chris "the Albatross" Drummond. With 2 days notice, Ryan took the match and displayed exceptional skill and resilience against a stronger wrestler to take the match to the time limit. Ryan's defence was good enough to call a need for the 3 minute sudden death round. During this round both competitors gave it their all with Drummond's aggression and offence enough to get him the decision after no submission being completed in the three minutes. Ryan's effort was incredible considering the unfamiliar environment and the very short preparation time, great work Ryan!


The final representative from HMAA to have a match was HMAA coach (and Caged Grappling referee) Gerry Young who faced fellow BJJ brown belt (and event MC) Grant "Grande" Bradshaw from NSW Central Coast. The match started with Gerry securing double underhooks in the clinch and using the cage for a takedown. Grant turn out pulled half guard and then transitioned to a dominant Z Guard. Gerry attempted a leg lock, which was defended well with Grant taking the top position in the ensuing scramble. From the top Grant showed his high level skills to nullify all sweep attempts and eventually finish with a mounted Americana. It was a good match and was certainly good entertainment for the fans in attendance.


Special thanks to Adam Newton, Kieryn Wright and Maryanne Mullahy (who flew from Melbourne) for cornering everyone on the night. Thanks to Event organisers and staff as well as all those who attended.


Below is the full fight card from the event.