Lots of news and updates for Maromba South

Hi folks, it's been a while since we've had the news updated on here, so you'll have to forgive me if this gets a bit long.

First and foremost, on Saturday 25th October, we again welcomed Thiago Stefanutti back to the state, and he had a huge surprise in store for us.  Our head coach, Adam Newton was promoted to first degree black belt, a much deserved recognition :)  Thanks again for all your hard work and effort you give us Adam.  Also, our friend from up north, Brad Lowe, also received a promotion to first degree black belt.  Congratulations Brad.  I've been asked by Gerry, if anyone got some good photos of the grading, could they please post them on either the BJJ Hobart or Maromba South facebook page. 

In other news, we've got some of our members competing in the All Styles Caged Grappling event, which will be held on Saturday 13th December at Aurora Stadium.  At the moment, confirmed matches for Maromba South are the big guys, Gerry "Ghetto Booty" Young vs Grant "Grande" Bradshaw.  We've also got "Super" Steve Maxwell taking on Barton James, and the fast paced action as Neil "Real Deal" Campbell takes on Ben "50 Cal" Barrett.  This is a great opportunity to get along and support those of us competing, and at only $10, it's incredibly cheap.

Also, MMA wise, we've got Maxi competing against Stephan Friedrich on the upcoming Valor 9 card in Launceston on 22nd November.  Get up there to show your support for what's going to be a great fight!  Also, in the works are match-ups coming for the Valor: AM Series 7 on the 28th of February 2015.  More news to come with that.

Due to all these upcoming events, and the fact that summer is (hopefully) on the way, we've shifted out of the pyjamas and into the no gi gear for a while now.  So remember, shorts and rashies now people :)

Also, competition updates, last weekend, a few of us went to compete in the Tasmanian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu State Championship and put up a good showing for the club.  I'd especially like to thank those who were competing in their first competition and did an amazing job.  Well done, Kieryn Wright, Calum Young, Andrew Smith, Luke Anderson, Brad Hutchison (I feel weird writing about myself in the third person), and Tristan Anderson joined Erika Ledster in the ranks of kids who've competed under the Maromba South banner.  I'm incredibly proud of how these kids have all developed, and hope to see more of them competing soon :)  Do yourselves a favour and get along to every comp you can; competing is great fun, it motivates you to train harder, and win or lose, you'll learn a lot and meet a lot of great people.

Speaking of which, keep your calendars free for the upcoming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tasmanian State Championship 2014, to be held on 6th December at Elphin Sports Centre in Launceston.  It'd be great if we could get heaps of people up there flying the Maromba South colours :)  Here's the facebook page for the comp: https://www.facebook.com/events/383177931833353/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar

Ok, I think that's it for the news, except for one last thing.  I believe we're doing another order of the awesome black Maromba South gi's this week, so if you want one for you, or your kids, get your orders in.  I've pinned the post to the BJJ Hobart facebook page for all the details including sizing and prices.  Also, sweet new Maromba South belts with our own logo on them too!